Wednesday, 10 September 2014

As Ofcom introduces measures to improve communications for small business, Axis Telecom asks this week what they could mean for your company.

Axis Telecom are Passionate about Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Being an energy and telecoms provider who are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service, Axis Telecom strives to give you the news you need to know about the latest events reshaping this country’s small business sector.

As such, when we discovered this week that Ofcom have engaged in a mission to improve communications – especially broadband – for small businesses – Axis Telecom knew that it was a move that could benefit your company’ bottom line.

Ofcom to Improve Small Business Communications

According to Tech Week, The industry watchdog has delivered plans to ensure that the small business community are able to reap the rewards of innovative and competitive communications. The regulator went onto suggest that super-fast broadband will be a vital component of their plans, as they look to fill in gaps in fibre coverage, as well as work with Westminster to further roll it out in both urban and rural regions.

Furthermore, Ofcom has said that future policies (especially those related to protecting small businesses) could be determined by talks the regulator is planning to hold with small business leaders. Meanwhile, this autumn will see them roll out a portal which will offer advice about choosing providers, resolving disputes etc.

Ofcom’s Work Will Protect the Vital SME Sector

Ofcom’s CEO, Ed Richards spoke out on the plans. Richards said that “we recognise what a critical sector of the economy the SME community represents, and how important digital communications technology is to this group of business consumers.”

He went on to elaborate by saying that “while there have been developments in the range of services available over the past decade, we’re still not confident that SMEs are benefitting as consistently as they should be from high quality digital communications. Our work will help ensure that the market is delivering for businesses of all kinds and to make sure that the right protection is in place for them if it isn’t.”

This Move Could Help Small Businesses Make Money

Axis Telecom believes this could only benefit SME’s going forward. Broadband is essential to making money in the modern world, therefore a move such as this, which among other things, looks to improve broadband service, can only help companies’ make money in the long run.