Wednesday, 5 November 2014

To ensure that your employees’ are a benefit, rather than a detriment, to your small business, this week Axis Telecoms reveals how to manage your employees’ time.

You are Paying Your Employees for Their Time

Because Axis Telecoms is a firm that seeks to make sure that small businesses across the UK receive competitively priced energy and telecoms, we understand how important it is for SME’s to save money wherever they can. Only through doing so, can they ensure they remain profitable.

That is why we want to turn our attention to the issue of time. You are paying your employees for their time. Therefore, if they are wasting time that is money draining away from your firm’s bottom line. Money that isn’t being used to generate profit.

A Few Ways to Manage Your Employees’ Time Effectively

That is why it is more important than ever that you know how to manage your employees’ time effectively; these tips on just how to do so from Axis Telecoms should get you started:

·         Give Them a Break: No employee is a machine. You’ll soon find that if you give them a series of short breaks throughout the day, they become more productive. Quite simply, it’ll cut down the amount of time they spend avoiding the tasks at hand, as they’ll have a more set time limit to complete them in.

·         Create Office Schedules: Deadlines have an amazing effect in any office. They give your employees something to work towards; increasing their productivity. That is why you should make and maintain office schedules to get the most out of your employees.

·         Cater to Your Employees Schedules: If you have an employee who needs to get off early, don’t force them to stay. Doing so will create a bad working relationship, and drive down their productivity. Make sure you cater to their schedules to get the most out of the time they do have.

·         Discourage Multi-Tasking: Multi-tasking is not an effective working method. It divides focus, which means that all the tasks at hand get less time, and they’re performed less efficiently. Therefore, discouraging multi-tasking in your office ensures that your employees are using their time in the right way.

·         Eliminate Distractions: Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, e. are the bane of the productive employee. They take time and attention away from real tasks. Therefore, banning these distractions in the workplace, will ensure that they can’t divert employee time from the tasks at hand.

Time Equals Money

These are just a few tips to get you started. What we hope to have shown you with this article, is that time equals money. If you are managing your employees’ time effectively you are driving productivity, which in turn has a good chance of boosting your small company’s profit margins.