Wednesday, 10 December 2014

You need to strive to protect your flow of capital when you’re taking the first steps to building your own company, which is why this week Axis Telecoms asks; how do you save money when you’re starting a business?

Letting Your Idea Shine

Axis Telecoms is dedicated to ensuring small businesses throughout the UK receive value for money for their energy and telecoms services. As such, we understand that there are certain times when an SME decision maker needs to go the extra mile to ensure their company has a steady flow of capital to hand.

The need to save money is never more important than when you are looking to get your venture started. You believe that your business model could prove lucrative, however when you’re building a venture, you need to trim the budget anywhere you can to provide yourself enough capital to give your idea the provisions it needs to shine and generate healthy profit margins.

Keep Your Firm’s Bottom Line under Control

Saving money is all about ensuring you find any way you can to keep your business’ bottom line under control – do so with the following five tips…

·         Take Advantage of Mates Rates: What are friends for? If you have a mate who’s willing to decorate your office for less, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of mates rates and pair your outgoings own to a bare minimum.

·         Provide Your Own Capital: Your business is never going to succeed if you don’t believe in the power of your idea. Take a risk, trim your personal expenses i.e. trade in your car for a cheaper model, and devote the resulting capital to your start-up.

·         Invest in Online Services: When you are starting a business, you need to find any way you can to generate sales, so that you inject cash into your company. At the genesis of a venture, the most cost effective business model is to sell your wares online, as there are few costs attached to doing so.

·         Trim the Employee Roster: Do you really need a receptionist at this point? No you don’t. If you want to put your business in the position it needs to be in to succeed, avoid making a frivolous hire; trim the employee roster.

·         Keep Your Outgoings Low: One of the most effective ways to keep a start-up’s bottom line under control is to keep its outgoings low. If you invest in cost effect telecoms and energy services from suppliers such as Axis Telecoms, you free up the funds you need to grow your company.

An Uphill Climb

As an entrepreneur who is striking out on the road to building a successful venture, you have an uphill climb in front of you. Ensure you keep your outgoings under control if you want to reach the summit.