Tuesday, 21 October 2014

If you want to inject a little cash into your company’s bottom line, read on, as this week Axis for Business discusses the new £1,000 prize for the UK’s most flexible small business.

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Every so often, a piece of news comes along which has the potential to help you grow your business, ensuring it becomes more lucrative. That is definitely the case this week, as a new cash prize has been launched specifically for UK SME’s.

Finding the UK’s Most Flexible Small Business

According to Smallbusiness.co.uk, flexible working experts Timewise have announced the launch of a £1,000 prize to find the UK’s most flexible company. It will reward the firm that offers the most flexible working options to its staff.

If you are a small company with an employee roster of between two and 249 members, you are eligible to apply. If you win, not only will you receive the money, but you will also have a three minute video made about how your company works.

The Enemy of Small Business?

Karen Mattison MBE, the co-founder of Timewise spoke out on why the prize is being launched. Mattison said: “There is an unfair and outdated perception that flexible working is ‘the enemy of small business’ – we want to debunk that myth.

“The working world has moved on so much in the past ten years, with innovative and progressive SMEs using flexibility as a tool for attraction, retention and growth, as a matter of course.”
Jo Swinson, employment minister at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills added: “Extending the right to request flexible working will help firms attract and retain the best talent and reap the benefits of a more motivated workforce.”

Nominate Your Business

Mattison and Swinson make valid points; flexibility really isn’t the enemy of the small business, and can help it become more competitive in a diversified marketplace. To enter the competition, just nominate your business and fill out a short form. 


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