Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Considering what smartphones can do to a small business’ bottom line, this week Axis Telecoms lets you know how to save money on your office smartphone costs.

The Phone of Choice for Any Wise Small Business Owner is the Smartphone

As a telecoms and energy provider who are always looking for the best deals out there to help small business save money, Axis Telecoms understands how vital mobile phones are to ensuring modern SME’s stay in the red.

In 2014, the phone of choice for any wise small business owner is the smartphone. They literally have an app for everything, and with these apps, employees can do their jobs more efficiently, thus saving you money on your business bank account.

A Guide to Saving Money on Your Office Smartphone Costs

And yet as cost effective as they are, smartphones can be expensive to run, which is why Axis Telecoms suggests that when you buy your employees smartphones, you follow our guide to save money on your office smartphone costs…

·         Tailor Your Plan to Your Needs: When looking at smartphone plans – calls, texts and data, you need to think about how they will be used, to save money. Do your employees make a lot of calls? If so, get a plan with unlimited minutes. If not, get one with a set limit, and maybe go for one with unlimited texts instead.

·         Save the Battery: Smartphone batteries drain so easily, and recharging them can ramp up your electric bills, which is why you should encourage employees to close down apps after use, turn down the brightness of their phones and switch to battery saving mode, as doing these makes the phone’s battery last longer.

·         Use a Messaging App: One way to promote interoffice communication and reduce smartphone bills at the same time, is to get your employees to use a messaging app when out of the office to communicate, such as WhatsApp.

·         Find Free Alternatives: In some cases, you will need to pay for apps that your employees need to use, and you should, as they are wise investments. However often there is an alternative app out there that’s free that you should get your employees to download onto their phones instead to save money.

·         Use Wi-Fi Where You Can: Most smartphone plans come with data limits, and when you go over those limits, you have to pay for extra data to use the internet. That’s why you should get employees to use Wi Fi in the office, to conserve data for when they really need it.

You Need Smartphones to Remain Competitive

In the modern market place, as a small business who is battling it out with every other small business out there, you need to equip your employees with smartphones to stay competitive. However, Axis Telecoms would ask you to remember that this doesn’t mean that you need to pay exorbitant amounts to give your employees smartphones. 

Smartphones..An Important Tool for any Business.