Tuesday, 7 October 2014

If you want to use a business trip to expand, rather than contract your SME’s bank account, then read on, as this week Axis Telecoms outlines how to save money on the cost of flying for business.

The Dilemma of Travelling for Business

Axis Telecoms is a telecoms and energy supplier, who provide a quality service and listen to what our customers say, in order to ensure they save money.

As such, we understand the dilemma that many SME’s are confronted with, when afforded the opportunity to travel to take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity. It could do major things for your company’s bottom line. Yet you have to invest money in a trip that might not provide a significant dividend.

A Guide to Saving Money on the Cost of Business Travel

That is why whenever you are flying for business, you should strive to save money, and this week, Axis Telecoms tells you how, with the following guide to saving money on the cost of business travel…

Use Tax Relief Systems to Your Advantage: As SME’s are the heart of the country’s economy, the UK government wants to make flying for business as easy for small companies as possible. That is why you can qualify for tax relief on the cost of business travel, which you should use to reduce its impact on the company accounts.

Exchange Currency Beforehand: Withdrawing money from foreign cash machines is expensive, so to save money, you should calculate how much cash you need, and exchange it beforehand. Don’t do so at an airport, it’s almost as expensive as withdrawing from a foreign cash machine.

Search for Cheap Flights: Flights are where you can save some serious money. Use a low cost airline, make sure to fly economy etc. and you will save enough cash to ensure your business trip is lucrative for your company.

Eat Local: Whilst you will most likely have to dine at a fine restaurant or two for networking purposes, when you are eating simply for sustenance, you should eat local when travelling for business. Local eateries are often far cheaper, as well as more authentic. This will give you a better understanding of the people you are dealing with, ensuring the trip is lucrative for your company.

Invest in Travel Insurance: Yes it’s an extra cost, but it’s one you need to incur to protect your SME’s bottom line. After all, should you lose a company laptop abroad, with travel insurance you can cover the cost without it impacting your business’ bottom line.

Do Your Research to Lower the Cost of Travelling for Business

From there, Axis Telecoms would always advise that you do your research when you are travelling for business. After all, doing our research is how we can bring you the best deals around to save money on your energy and telecoms expenditure. Doing the same will make sure that travelling for business benefits rather than hurts your company.