Wednesday, 5 November 2014

With the event designed to promote SMEs nationwide coming up, this week Axis Telecoms asks; how are organisers promoting Small Business Saturday, and what could it mean for your bottom line?

Awareness is Everything in Profitability

Axis Telecoms is an independent energy and telecoms provider to SMEs up and down the length of the United Kingdom. As such, we are intrinsically positioned to understand the struggles small businesses face every day to keep their profit margins up.

One of the main obstacles to profitability for any SME is larger competitors. That is why we support Small Business Saturday. It is a day designed to promote small businesses and persuade consumers to shop locally; awareness really is everything in this game.

How Effective Will Small Business Saturday Be?

So how effective will Small Business Saturday be? Well if last year’s efforts are to be believed, very, as organisers are using the same tactic to promote the event as they did in 2013. They are setting off on a nationwide bus tour!

Last year, they got personalities such as David Cameron, Ed Milliband and George Osbourne to take part in the bus tour, and these efforts made the event highly successful. This year the bus tour, which kicks off in Leeds on 17th November will involve similar tactics, with even more locations. 13 in fact, including Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, before ending in Camden on 4th December; two days before the event.

Equipping the Public With Vital Information

National campaign director at Small Business Saturday, Michelle Ovens, commented on the promotional tactic. Ovens said: “Our bus tour last year was a very visible way of bringing Small Business Saturday to centres around the UK and was instrumental in drumming up interest, support and enthusiasm.

“We are visiting even more places this year and hope small business owners and consumers will visit the bus to get information and find out ways in which they can support small businesses and make the day work most effectively for companies in their own communities.”

Helping You Raise Your Small Company’s Bottom Line

In that way, we see how this bus tour could actually be good for your small company’s bottom line. It provide the public with the information they need to support SMEs including you; ensuring that they are able to help you raise your profit margins.