Tuesday, 16 December 2014

If you want to throw a shindig your employees will talk about in hushed whispers for years to come without damaging your small business’ bottom line you’re in luck, as this week Axis Telecoms shows you how to save money on the office Christmas party.

The Mandatory Office Christmas Party

Bringing competitively priced energy and telecoms to small businesses all over the UK, Axis Telecoms knows that when it comes to motivating employees, SME owners have a hard choice to make.

You want to motivate them to work as hard as they can, but galvanising your staff roster can prove particularly hard on the tight budget typical of most SMEs. This conundrum becomes particularly pronounced when confronted with the office Christmas party – an event that at this point, is practically mandatory.

Five Ways to Keep Your Office Christmas Party in Budget

Yet it’s possible to throw a memorable Christmas do on a budget. You just need to find ways to stay within said budget. Here are five you might want to consider...

Hold it in the Office: It’s an office Christmas party. Note that word, office. Why drain your company’s bottom line by hiring out the backroom of an upscale bar, when you can hold it in the office for the exorbitant price tag of… oh wait… nothing at all.

Take Advantage of Deals: If you’re throwing it in the office, then you’ll have to cater the party yourself. Reduce the cost of catering your own soiree by flocking to your nearest supermarket and taking advantage of it’s latest offers on party food. At this time of year, you won’t fail to find a deal that’ll lessen your Christmas party food expenditure at the local Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Club Together: Does someone in your building have a bigger office? If so, talk to them about throwing a joint do. That way, you share the cost of food, drink, entertainment etc. A problem shared after all, is a problem solved.

 Create a Playlist: These days, computers are equipped with an amazing programme called Spotify. With it (if you can stand an advert or two), you can create a playlist for nothing, and avoid paying a DJ to oversee the music at your office Christmas soiree.

Arrange on a Friday: Employees are going to drink a little too much at the office Christmas party, that’s just tradition. Don’t lose valuable employee time to the inevitable hangover; throw the party on a Friday night so they have a weekend to recover from their overindulgence.

Apply the Lesson

If this blog has shown you anything, let it be that you don’t need to deprive your business of the funds it needs to grow, just to motivate your employees. Take this lesson and apply it throughout the year to save money for your small business.